Groovy Hippie Bed Sheet Set

My youngest just had a birthday and she’s been trying to fix up her room. We needed some updated bedding stuffs and Nikki likes cool … hippie … pink floyd … guitars … the beatles … so, of course, I thought I CAN MAKE THAT! (Do you do that?). I love COLOR! Lots of bright colors and dyeing, painting, upcycling, so I dyed her pillowcase and duvet cover and then painted a peace sign on the pillowcase for fun.

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,


Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

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Jacquard MX Dyes
(I used Golden Yellow, Carmine Red, Midnight Blue and Olive Green)
Soda Ash Dye Fixer
Tulip Fabric Spray Paint
Cotton Pillowcase, Duvet cover and/or Sheet Set
Sponge Brushes
Foam Board
X-ACTO Knife or utility knife
-Peace Sign Template
-Buckets, plastic sheets, old cups, etc


Wash your sheet set to remove any sizing which can interfere with the dye. Next, soak them in a bucket of water with soda ash added according to package directions. This helps to set the dye.

In the meantime, mix up your dye solution following the directions on the dye package. Make sure you use disposable or old containers for the dye stock as they will no longer be safe to use for food.


Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Remove the fabric from the soda ash bath and squeeze out any excess liquid. Cover your table with plastic and lay the pillowcase or sheet on top of the plastic.

Using the sponge brushes, begin painting the dye solution on your sheet. Leave a little space between the colors as the dye will continue to spread. (Note: think about which colors to place next to each other so that they blend well i.e. yellow & blue makes green, yellow & red makes orange BUT red & green makes an icky brown)

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Once the entire surface is painted, cover it with another sheet of plastic and let it sit for 24 hours. Rinse out the excess dye thoroughly, then wash and dry (separately).

Peace Sign:

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

While your dye is setting, you can prepare the peace sign template. It’s a pretty easy design to draw or you can download one from the internet. Transfer the design to a sheet of foam board. Now, carefully cut out your peace sign. Keep in mind that we will use the negative shapes.

Cover the table with plastic and lay the freshly washed pillowcase on top. Put a piece of plastic inside the pillowcase to keep the paint from bleeding through. Now, place your peace sign shape on the pillowcase and secure each piece with a strip of the double sided tape. Cover the remaining part of the pillowcase with plastic or paper.

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Pick a color from the Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Set, shake the bottle and carefully spray the peace sign. Let the paint dry completely – a few days – then wash separately.

Hippie Bed Sheets with Peace Sign,

Now, go crazy dyeing and painting! It’s fun!

This kit from Jacquard has everything you need! 4 MX Dye Colors and Soda Ash.


  1. This turned out so cute!

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  2. wow! the bedsheet- set looks gorgeous!

  3. Fooled me, I thought you were going to bleach the peace symbol!

  4. This is so cute. I”m a huge DIYer and I have yet to try tie die. Thanks for sharing!