DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

Learn how to make a gorgeous Christmas Wreath with colorful Ball Ornaments. Is there anything more festive than those bright and shiny, vintage glass ball ornaments your Grandma had? There is something very special about the way they catch the twinkle lights of the Christmas Tree. Did you know you can use them to make […]

Iron Mordant Recipe

How to make an Iron Mordant or Iron Modifier for Natural Dyeing and Eco Printing If you have dabbled with natural dyeing or eco printing of fabric, paper or yarn, then you are probably familiar with the use of Mordants to help affix the dye. This can be as simple as soaking in Soy Milk […]

DIY Wreath Ideas for Fall

Handmade DIY Wreath Ideas for your Fall and Thanksgiving Home Decor – Learn How to make your own fun and creative Fall Wreath! Happy Fall Crafty Peeps! As much as I love Spring and Summer, I’m always happy to see the beginning of Autumn. The time of year for comfy sweatshirts and mulled cider, pumpkins […]

DIY Wool Dryer Balls with Needle Felted Designs

How to make Cute and Fun Needle Felt Designs on Homemade Wool Dryer Balls So, I’ve been on somewhat of a needle felting kick lately. Needle felting is so much fun!! And I’ve been trying to think of what to do with the wool shapes I make using cookie cutters. Well, I thought …. why […]

17 Fabric Scraps Projects

Show of hands, who doesn’t have a pile of fabric scraps laying around the house?? Anybody?? Of course you do! We all have a little craft hoarder inside of us, right? Anytime we buy fabric for a sewing or quilt project, there are always leftover scraps. So, I decided to find some cool fabric scraps […]

23 Tie Dye Ideas and Projects

Fun and Colorful Tie Dye Project Ideas Here comes the warm weather, the pool parties, the mosquitos … what says Summer to you?? Do you love picnics and lightning bugs? Watermelon or fresh tomatoes from the Garden? Well, I tell you one thing that speaks Summer to me … it’s is TIE DYE!! So, I […]