How to Needle Felt (for Beginners)

Learn how to create easy, Needle Felted Fabric Shapes with colorful Wool Roving and Cookie Cutters Have you noticed? Needle Felting has become quite the popular craft in recent years. When I first started my adventure into the fiber world, most people (including me) had never heard of wool felting much less Needle Felting. So, […]

What is Felting? A Beginners Guide

Discover the World of Wet and Needle Felting in this Complete Beginner’s Guide My love of fiber began years ago when we acquired our first two alpacas, Godiva and Permanent Ink. Since alpacas grow a lot of fiber in one year and can’t tolerate much summer heat, they need to be sheared every Spring.  Besides […]

Homemade Dryer Balls (Easy!)

Save money by making your own DIY Homemade Dryer Balls Wool Dryer Balls are an eco friendly, all natural, chemical free alternative to dryer sheets and a great way to fluff your laundry. Who wants all those chemicals from dryer sheets when wool dryer balls are so easy to make. All you need is inexpensive […]

Wet Felting Wool: Add Color & Texture (the Easy Way)

How to easily add color and texture to your felt fabric. The good thing about being snowed in is that I’ve finally been able to do a little wet felting again. It’s so relaxing for me. I get lost in the luscious fibers and colors! Over my years of teaching wet felting, I’ve had many […]

Making a Felt Bowl with Wool

Felting a Bowl with Wool . Part 5 of my Wet Felting Techniques Series. This wet felting tutorial will show you how to make a felt bowl using wool and a resist. Resist Felting is a 3D (three dimensional) wet felting method that can be used to felt all kinds of things such as Christmas […]

Wool Felting – How to make Lattice Felt

Wet Felting with Wool – Lattice Felting Technique Part 4 of my Wet Felting Techniques Series which shows you how to make a Lattice Felted Scarf. What the heck is Lattice Felting? Just like the name suggests, it’s a wool wet felting technique which produces a fabric with holes in it. There are a few […]