23 Tie Dye Ideas and Projects

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Fun and Colorful Tie Dye Project Ideas

Here comes the warm weather, the pool parties, the mosquitos … what says Summer to you?? Do you love picnics and lightning bugs? Watermelon or fresh tomatoes from the Garden?

Well, I tell you one thing that speaks Summer to me … it’s is TIE DYE!! So, I have found for you some really cool and fun tie dye ideas to get you started.

Yes Tie Dye … the iconic colorful hippie t shirts from the 70’s. But, you don’t have to be a hippie or a teen to enjoy making and wearing a fun tie dye shirt.

On the contrary, tie dye shirts and other wearables are now main stream. These days you even see tie dye shirts and hats emblazoned with company logos.

Tie Dye Ideas and Projects

What Can I Tie Dye?

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As you already know, the most popular things to tie dye are, of course, cotton t shirts but that’s only the beginning! You can tie dye all wearables from socks and hats to long johns and even denim jackets. Just make sure to match the dye to the fabric.

Meaning, if your fabric is made of cotton, you need to use dyes specifically for cotton. Most tie dye kits are designed to work on cotton.

As a general rule, synthetic fibers don’t dye very well. However, RIT now has a dye which is supposed to work well on synthetics. Personally, I have not tried it so if you have, please let me know how it works.

23 Tie Dye Ideas and Projects

1. How to Tie Dye Shoes

by Swoodson Says
An easy way to pretty up your plain tennis shoes with lots of color! How to Tie Dye Shoes

2. Tie Dye Baby Bodysuits

by Tip Toe Fairy
Dyed Baby Onesies make great DIY Gifts for Baby Showers How to make dip dyed baby onesies

3. Patriotic Dip Dye Baby Onesies

by Tip Toe Fairy
How about a dyed Red, White & Blue Onesie? Tie Dyed Baby Bodysuit

4. Tie Dyeing with Turmeric

by Pink Fortitude
Natural Dyes also work great for Tie Dye Projects Natural Tie Dye with Turmeric

5. How to Tie Dye a Heart Shape

by FiberArtsy
This tie dye technique works for any shape! How to Tie Dye a Heart Shape

6. Sunburst Tie Dye Baby Mat

by Swoodson Says
Here’s a fun tie dyed baby blanket tutorial Sunburst Tie Dyed Baby Blanket

7. Tie Dyed Dish Towels

by Organized 31
These rainbow dyed towels will brighten up your kitchen! Tie Dyed Dish Towels

8. Minions Tie Dye T Shirt

by Diana Rambles
Why not make a Tie Dyed Minions Shirt? Tie Dyed Minions T Shirt

9. Easy Tie Dyed Long Johns

by FiberArtsy
This tie dye tutorial shows you how to make the accordion fold How to Tie Dye Long Johns - Accordion Fold Method

10. Indigo Tie Dye Blanket

by Swoodson Says
I love the geometric pattern on this Indigo dyed blanket Indigo Dyed Blanket. Shibori or Tie Dyeing

11. Americana Dyed Towels

by Amy Latta Creations
These dyed towels are perfect for your Summer BBQ Americana - Red White and Blue Tie Dyed Towels

12. Bomb Pop Tie Dyed Shirts

by The Shirley Journey
Your Kids will love making these fun Bomb Pop Shirts Tie Dyed Kids T Shirt

13. Indigo Dyed Curtains

by Swoodson Says
I’m in love with these Shibori Dyed Curtains! Tie Dye or Shibori Dyed Curtains

14. Tie Dyed Friendship Bracelets

by California Unpublished
These dyed bracelets are a great idea for a tie dye party. Tie Dyed Friendship Bracelets

15. Easy Tie Dye Socks

by Diana Rambles
Who doesn’t love a pair of fun, colorful socks? How to tie dye socks

16. Shibori Dyed Tea Towels

by FiberArtsy
I make a bunch of these dyed tea towels for Christmas Gifts each year. Tea Towels Shibori Dyed with RIT

17. Salt Resist Tie Dye

by For The Love Of Food
This tutorial shows you how to ‘Resist Dye’ with Salt Fabric Dyeing with a Salt Resist

18. Upcycled Tie Dye Garden Flag

by Happiness Is Homemade
Turn an old Tee into a Tie Dyed Garden Flag Tie Dyed Garden Flag

19. Watercolor Dyed Shorts

by The Makeup Dummy
Give your plain shorts a makeover with this watercolor tie dye technique. Tie Dyed Shorts

20. Reverse Tie Dye with Bleach

by FiberArtsy
Instead of adding color or dye, this technique takes it away Bleach Dyed T Shirts


To continue your tie dyeing education, here are some fun fake or mock tie dye ideas. These projects are technically not what you would call “tie dye”. Instead, they create the look without using the actual process of tie dye.

21. Homemade Tie Dye Soap

by One Crazy Mom
Here’s a fun craft project for kids Homemade Tie Dyed Soap

22. Sharpie Tie Dye Shirts

by Natural Beach Living
A less messy way to make your Tie Dye Shirts with Sharpies T Shirts Dyed with Sharpies

23. Mock Tie Dye Shoes

by Organized 31
Sharpies also work great to make colorful dyed shoes Fabric Shoes dyed with Sharpies

A huge Thank You to the wonderful ladies for allowing me share their creative tie dye ideas and projects! If you have a favorite tie dye project or method to share, please let me know! I would love to see it 🙂


Tie Die, Tye Die or Tie Dye?

If you’ve ever searched for tie dye ideas or instructions online, you’ll notice it’s spelled many different ways. It can get confusing, right? I see it spelled Tye Dye or Tye Die and Tie Die. Well, being in the dyeing business lol, I did my research. The correct way to spell it is TIE DYE.

23 Tie Dye Project Ideas

Ideas for Tie Dye Projects

Tie Dye Ideas and Projects

Tie Dye and Fabric Dyeing Ideas and Craft Projects

23 Tie Dye Ideas and Projects

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  1. What a fun roundup for summer! Thank you for including my all-natural tie-dye method. Hugs, Holly


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