How to Make TShirt Yarn (It’s so Easy!)

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Learn how easy it is to Repurpose or Upcycle your Old Shirt into great TShirt Yarn for a variety of Crochet, Knitting and Weaving Projects

Learn how to make some super cool and colorful TShirt Yarn. All you need is some of your old tees (you know … the ones that you just can’t bear to part with) and a really sharp pair of fabric scissors.

TShirt yarn is all over the internet, right? I mean, there are already dozens of different videos and how tos for turning your beloved old tee into yarn. So, do we really need another tutorial which shows you how to make t shirt yarn? Probably not.

However, this being a website with a focus on yarn and fiber art, I kind of felt like I needed to share it.

Balls of handmade TShirt Yarn

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As a quick disclaimer, I’m sure you know I did not come up with this idea myself. Somebody much more clever and crafty probably had a pile of old t shirts and didn’t want to just throw them out.

However, I would love to find out who ‘invented’ T shirt yarn. If anybody knows, please leave me a comment below so I can give proper credit.

Make sure and also check out how I made denim yarn from old blue jeans. There is also an article on how to use up fabric scraps and 17 other cool ideas for old t shirts.

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What is TShirt Yarn?

Basically, it is yarn that has been made out of a t shirt. But, that doesn’t exactly explain it, either. I see T Shirt yarn advertised that is simply made from the same material as most t shirts, namely jersey which is a stretchy knitted fabric mostly made with cotton or a cotton blend.

Having said that, I guess you could make t shirt yarn out of just about anything that is made with Jersey such as bedsheets.

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Supplies for Making T Shirt Yarn

Old T Shirts for making into Tshirt Yarn
Old T Shirts for making into T Shirt Yarn

If you don’t have enough old t shirts in your closet, you can always head over to your favorite thrift shop. Obviously, you will want to look for the largest tees you can find but also make sure they don’t have side seams.

Old T Shirt and Fabric Scissors
Old Tee and Fabric Scissors

How Do You Make T Shirt Yarn?

Preparing the T Shirt

To begin, lay your tee flat on a table and smooth out any wrinkles. Taking your fabric scissors (or rotary cutter), cut off the bottom seam (hem) of the shirt.

Old Blue T Shirt

Cutting the bottom hem from the old tshirt

Next, you want to cut a straight line from one armpit to the other. Make sure and cut through both layers of the shirt. Ideally, this will leave you with a rectangular piece of the Jersey t shirt fabric but if your cut lines are not perfectly straight, don’t worry about it.

Cut the T Shirt from one armpit to the other

Fabric from an old T Shirt

How Do You Cut Continuous Fabric Strips?

Now, you are going to cut your fabric into strips. First, you will need to decide how wide you want your tshirt yarn to be. Obviously, this will depend on how you wish to use your yarn. I cut my strips about 1 – 1 1/2″ wide. Trust me, they are by no means even but again, we are not looking for perfection here.

Begining at one edge your fabric, cut a 1-1/2″ strip, straight line from the bottom to about 1 or 2″ from the top fold (see photos). Make sure you don’t cut all the way to the end and also make sure to cut through both layers.

Cutting strips of the old t shirt

Cutting the t shirt yarn

Now, cut the second strip the same way, halting just before the top fold. Repeat until you have cut strips all across the t shirt. Try to maintain the same width across all of your strips but again, they do not have to be perfect.

Cutting strips of tee shirt yarn

Old T Shirt cut into strips

Shirt cut into yarn

Connecting the Strips of TShirt Yarn

Now that you have cut all of the shirt into strips, it’s time to connect them into one piece of continuous yarn.

Pick up your shirt and place it over one arm with the top, uncut fold on top of your arm. If you are right handed, place the shirt on your left arm and vice versa. Since I was taking photos, I placed my shirt over a rolled up piece of construction paper.

Cutting continuous strips of t shirt yarn

From now on, you will cut in diagonals. To begin, diagonally cut from the outside edge to the point where you ended cutting the first strip. This will be one end of your yarn.

Starting the T Shirt Yarn

Cut the beginning of the yarn

The second strip will be cut from the cut end on the bottom to the cut end at the top of the next strip.

The second cut of tshirt yarn

Cutting the second strip of the tee shirt yarn

Continue cutting the rest of the strips in the same manner. When you reach the end of the shirt, simple cut off the last strip, diagonally to the edge. You now have one continuous strip of tshirt yarn.

t shirt yarn before stretching (1)

Notice, that the fabric is flat. So, you now have a choice to make. You can either keep the yarn flat or you can stretch it to make it curl and therefore rounded, more like traditional yarn. This also makes it longer, giving you more yarn to work with.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Both types of yarn can be crocheted or knitted however, each will give a different weight and texture.

Flat strips of t shirt yarn

Stretching Your TShirt Yarn

If you wish to curl your yarn, here is all you have to do: pick up a length of the yarn and stretch it or pull it between your hands. You will immediately notice is curling up and thinning out. Do this all along your strand.

Notice, if your shirt had any kind of graphic on the front, those pieces will not stretch. However, that really should not make too much of a difference if you are making a crochet rug, for instance.

Stretched tee shirt yarn

Tshirt yarn after stretching

Balls of finished t shirt yarn

All that is left is to wind up your new yarn into a ball. It is now ready to knit or crochet into a fun rug, coaster or purse. That’s all there is to it!

T Shirt Yarn made with a Tie Dyed Tee Shirt

Tie Dyed T Shirt Yarn

How Much Yarn Do You Get From One Shirt?

I was very curious to see how much extra yarn you get by stretching the fabric. Surprisingly, you get a lot! A Men’s XL T Shirt yielded about 22 yards of unstretched yarn. After stretching, I measured 28 yards of tshirt yarn which added a good 6 yards!

What Can I Make With Old T Shirts?

Basically, you can make anything with tshirt yarn that you can make with regular yarn, only your final project will be bigger and bulkier. Some patterns that lend themselves well to this type of yarn are crochet and knit rugs, trivets and coasters, baskets or tote bags. You can find more fun projects and patterns in this article.

Making TShirt Yarn

How to make TShirt Yarn

How to Make TShirt Yarn (It’s so Easy!)

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