DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

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Learn how to make a gorgeous Christmas Wreath with colorful Ball Ornaments.

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Is there anything more festive than those bright and shiny, vintage glass ball ornaments your Grandma had? There is something very special about the way they catch the twinkle lights of the Christmas Tree. Did you know you can use them to make a wreath?

I’ve been seeing some gorgeous Christmas Wreaths made with those old glass ornaments. Unfortunately, I only have a few … not nearly enough ornaments for an entire wreath but, I came across something even better!

Last year, while wandering around Michaels craft store, I found tubes of colorful shatterproof glass-like ball ornaments. These ornaments came in a variety of color combinations, textures and sizes from small opaque globes to large, transparent balls . Some of the ornaments are shiny while others are sparkly and glittery. Perfect for a DIY Christmas Wreath.

And, I absolutely love that the ornaments are shatterproof and non-breakable. If you have little children running around your house, you won’t have to worry the ornaments breaking.

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How to make a DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

Supplies for a DIY Christmas Wreath

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Ball Christmas Ornaments for a Wreath 1000

Wire Cutters and Floral Wire

Hot Glue Gun for making a Christmas Wreath

Making a DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

Before you begin your wreath, take a quick look at the hangers on the ornaments. Some of mine were very loose and came out easily. If you find some of those, go ahead and hot glue them into place.

Also, if your set of ball ornaments has a variety of different colors and textures, take a moment to think about how you want to arrange them.

Assemble Your Ornament Wreath

To begin your DIY Christmas Wreath, you’ll first want to cut a bunch of wire pieces, about 7-8″ long and then bend the wires in half. Go ahead and cut 30 or so. You can always add more later, if needed.

Now, take one of the folded wires and thread 3 ornaments through their hangers. Twist the wire 2 or 3 times to secure them.

My ornaments came in 3 different sizes so I used 2 large and 1 small one per piece of wire, varying the colors and textures. This helped to balance out the final look of the Christmas Wreath. If your ball ornaments are all the same size, you don’t need to worry about that part.

Tie three ball ornaments together

Close up of tying three ball ornaments together

Take that cluster of ornaments and secure it to the wreath frame by wrapping the wire around it tightly. Now, just repeat making clusters and attaching them to the frame until the entire front and side of the form is covered with ornaments. Make sure the clusters are snug against each other. You don’t want them to be shaky.

Side View of DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

Back of the Wire Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

Close up of the back of Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

My wires are a little messy back there but trust me, they are not at all visible. You can trim the excess wires, though, if you’d like. Just don’t trim them too short so you don’t lose any ornaments!

Finally, check over the wreath for any gaps or holes in the ornaments. If you find a gap, you can string just 1 small ornament on the wire and tie it into place. You can also make adjustments if you see an imbalance in the colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

As you can see, I did not place any ornaments on the back of the wreath form. You can fill it out completely or leave the back without ornaments. Either way is probably fine.

Finish Your DIY Christmas Wreath

Now that you have completed your DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments, the only thing left to do is hang your wreath. You can add a pretty ribbon or simply hang the wreath by itself on a wreath hook or hanger.

The beauty of using shatterproof ornaments instead of glass, is that you can hang this Christmas Wreath just about anywhere from the front door to a kid’s room.

Also, this wreath is not just for Christmas or the Holidays. Change it up for the Seasons with white and pink ball ornaments for a Valentine’s Wreath or pastel colors for Easter. Heck, the supplies are so inexpensive, you can make a bunch of ornament wreaths. I keep mine up all year long!


What is the Meaning of a Wreath at Christmas?

According to this article on the Time Magazine website, the use of evergreens during the Christmas holiday began in Germany around the 16th Century. The trees were shaped by pruning the limbs which, instead of being thrown away, were shaped into wreaths.

DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

DIY Christmas Wreath made with Ball Ornaments

DIY Christmas Wreath with Ball Ornaments

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