Gift Ideas for Knitters

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Clever Gift Ideas for anyone who loves to Knit and Crochet

Great Gift Ideas for Knitters! Do you have an avid Knitter, Crocheter or Yarn lover in your life? Then you need a great gift idea for a Christmas or Birthday present, right? Well, I’m here to help!

Here’s a list of some cool and fun gift ideas that would make any Knitter or Yarn Enthusiast very happy! And the beauty is, you can do all your shopping online and have these presents delivered right to your door.

So, check out these fabulous gift ideas for your favorite knitter…

Gift Ideas for Knitters,

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Gift Ideas for Knitters

Yarn Bowls

As anyone who knits or crochets will tell you, working with spun yarn can be frustrating because it constantly twists and tangles! A pretty yarn bowl will keep the yarn from becoming a tangled mess.

Ceramic Yarn Bowl with Azulscape Glaze

Handcrafted Indian Rosewood Yarn Bowl

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers keep you from losing your place in your knitting or crochet project! These fun little Stitch Markers look like little balls of Yarn

Gifts for Knitters,

Yarn Ball Winder or Swift

One of the big problems with winding your yarn or rolling it into a ball is that you need a second set of hands! Tools such as a Yarn Ball Winder or Swift allows you do wind your yarn without help.

Knitting Needles

As any knitter will tell you, it doesn’t matter how many different knitting needles you have in your stash, you never have the right one! At least that’s been my experience every time I pick up a new pattern to try. With a great set of Adjustable Knitting Needles, you always have the right knitting needle on hand.

Yarn Cutter Pendant

You won’t lose this pretty Yarn Cutter Pendant because it’ll be hanging around your neck! Great gift for anybody that works with yarn or thread such as knitters, crocheters, seamstresses and quilters!

Blocking Mats

Blocking is necessary for keeping knitted or crocheted piece from stretching out of shape. Blocking Mats make this task a little easier.

Knitting Yarn!

And before you say, Oh but she has so much yarn, know this …. knitters, crocheters and all yarn lovers never have enough yarn! And, there are just so many options! You can’t go wrong with Muse Hand Painted yarn would be great for a soft sweater.

(Psst … Don’t miss the Clearance Yarn Section!

Muse Hand Painted Yarn by Knit Picks
Muse Hand Painted Yarn by Knit Picks

Yarn Dye Kit

This Yarn Dyeing Kit is super easy to put together. All you need is a mason jar, Kool-Aid drink packets, some Wool Yarn Blanks and instructions which you can download and print here.

Yarn Dyeing Kit

How about Books?

Personally, I can never have enough books! And crafting, dyeing or knitting books are my favorites. This Entrelac 2: New Techniques for Interlace Knitting is very popular as is Vogue Knitting, The Ultimate Knitting Book and for our Crochet fans, Crochet One-Skein Wonders®

Online Knitting Classes

There are lots of Online Knitting Classes available for beginners as well as advanced knitters. The beauty of these classes is that they can learn on their own time, at their own pace and the class access never expires. 

The Startup Library: Knitting is a perfect class for a Beginner. For an intermediate knitter, I would recommend Knit Faster with Peruvian Knitting.

Well, I hope this gives you some useful gift ideas for knitters or crocheters in your life. If you have a favorite knitters gift, let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.

Gift Ideas for Knitters

Great Gift Ideas for Knitters

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