DIY Felted Journal Cover

We’ve been going to a lot of art, craft and flea markets the past few months and I’ve noticed a new trend of creative journal makers. Some gorgeous work from leather to fabric, even steam punk deco with gears and watch parts. Way more work than I care to do but WOW! So, I thought […]

Wool Yarn Dyeing Techniques – Semi Solid Yarn

Learn how to Hand Dye Semi Solid Yarn with tone variations with this super simple wool yarn dyeing technique. So, while researching and testing various methods of dyeing gradient or ombre yarn, instead of achieving a gradient yarn I figured out how to dye semi solid yarn. This technique does create an overall gradient effect […]

Dyeing Wool Yarn with Speckles

Speckle Dyeing Yarn or Wool Speckled Yarn, Sprinkled Yarn, Spotted Yarn or Confetti Yarn. Whatever you care to call this fun yarn dyeing technique, it’s all the rage right now! With good reason. This is a super cool way and fun way to dye yarn. I love the random, sprinkled effect. I took a little […]

How to Kettle Dye Yarn and Wool

Learn how to Kettle Dye Wool, Yarn and Alpaca Fiber or Roving A few years ago, I shared a tutorial on how to Kettle Dye Yarn and I decided it was time for an update. The information in that post is all good but the photos are … well …. not so much. This was very […]

Natural Yarn Dyeing with Black Beans

How to Dye Yarn or Fabric with Black Beans – a Natural Dyeing Tutorial Here comes another experiment in my Natural Dyeing Series. Did you know that you can dye fabric and yarn with food? Before the invention of synthetic dyes, people dyed all of their fabrics and yarn with natural things like tea, onion […]

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby (Knitting, too)

Free Crochet Patterns for Baby – and some Free Knitting Patterns for Baby, too After taking a small hiatus (to tile my kitchen), I’m back with more fun free knitting and crochet patterns. Since my niece just had her first baby, I decided to dig up some free patterns for babies. There are so many […]