How to Felt Wool – Cobweb Technique

How to Felt Wool with the Cobweb Felting Technique. This is Part 2 of my Wet Felting Series where I show you how to make Cobweb Wool Felt Fabric which you can use to make a lightweight scarf, shawl or wrap. How To Felt Wool – Cobweb Felting What is cobweb felting? Just like the […]

Easy DIY Tablet or Kindle Cover

Remember that piece of fabric that we felted last week in Part 1 of my new Felting Techniques Series? You did felt a piece of fabric, right? Okay, maybe not. No worries, this project can be made with practically any sturdy fabric, even store-bought felt. I am not an accomplished seamstress so this really is super, […]

Wet Felting Basics – Part 1 Felting Series

Wet Felting Basics – How to Felt Wool, Wet Felting Method Part 1 – Wool Felting Techniques Series Wet Felting is one of my passions. I get completely lost in making a unique piece of colorful fabric from alpaca fiber or sheep wool roving. It’s like magic watching the individual fibers and hairs bind together […]

How to Make Pretty Felted Flowers

How to Make Felted Flowers Did you know that you can take raw fiber and roving to felt pretty flowers? Yup! All you need is the basic wet felting know how. And Supplies, of course! The cool thing about felting flowers is that you can make them any color combination that you want. You’re not […]

How to Make Felted Soap!

Why put fiber on soap, you ask? Because it makes a great scrubby! You can exfoliate and wash your skin at the same time. Felted soaps also make wonderful gifts. Download this Free Tutorial (This page contains affiliate links which simply means that if you click through and buy or sign up, this site will […]

Locks of Many Colors! How to Kettle Dye Wool and Fiber

Have you always wanted to dye your wool or alpaca fiber in a rainbow of colors? It’s so frustrating when you have a project in mind and can’t find the right colored wool. Now you can just dye your own! FYI…These directions also work for roving or yarn as long as it’s protein fiber. Dyeing […]

Dye a T-shirt or Yarn with Snow or Ice!

I’ve been wanting to try snow/ice dyeing for a while but totally forgot about it until a friend posted something on Facebook. Well, since we still have a boatload of snow out there, why not try it now? This is my first attempt at snow dyeing but I do know a few things: First off, […]

Kettle Dyeing Yarn or Fiber

  How to Kettle Dye Yarn or Fiber A few weeks ago, I shared with you my method of How to Hand Paint Yarn. So today I thought I’d tell you about How to Kettle Dye your yarn. Kettle dyeing yarn is much less labor intensive than hand painting which also takes a lot more time. […]

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To Seems the only exercise I have time for these days is walking.  Well, like many of you, I don’t like to walk alone so I take our beagle, Maggie, with me.  Winter’s here and as luck would have it, I couldn’t find Maggie’s coat. The sewing machine was already […]

Custom Nuno Felted Shawl Basics

Custom Nuno Felted Shawl – Done! One of the really fun parts of my ‘job’ is the custom felting orders that roll in for Christmas. Here’s an alpaca shawl I finished yesterday. My customer asked for black with red and white alpaca with some mulberry silk felted in. First, I cut the black silk chiffon […]

How to Hand Paint Yarn

How to Hand Paint Yarn – a Wool Yarn Dyeing Tutorial There are many different methods and ideas on how to hand paint yarn. Some people like to apply the dye with brushes or cups but I have found that squirt bottles give me more control over the amount of dye applied. More Yarn Dyeing […]

Thoughts on My Favorite Fiber & Yarn Dyes

It kind of fascinates me how the different colors of fiber and yarn dyes (and different brands) behave. Some are easy to dissolve, and others are not. Some will completely change color over time, others don’t. My preferred dyes for fiber and yarn are Jacquard Acid Dyes but Cushings has a few colors that I […]