DIY Easter Eggs Decorated with Yarn

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A fun and easy way to make DIY Easter Eggs with Colorful Yarn

It’s almost Easter again. Have you finished dyeing your eggs? Instead of coloring Easter eggs with the same old dye tables, why not try something different for a change?

Here’s a fun way to turn your plain plastic Easter Eggs into beautiful, unique Easter Eggs by wrapping them with colorful yarn. There are so many different colors and patterns for decorating Easter eggs to make them completely unique and beautiful.

Yarn Easter Eggs - DIY Easter Eggs ideas

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Your eggs can be one solid color or striped. You can make polka dots of different colors or even geometric shapes. How about a candy striped egg covered in white and red stripes.

Plus, you can personalize your yarn Easter eggs. Does your child have a favorite ball team? You can make your eggs green and yellow for your favorite Green Bay Packer fan.

Also, you’re not limited to using yarn, either. Any kind of string would work and give you a different texture. You can decorated your Easter Eggs with cording, rope, sisal or colorful ribbons.The possibilities are truly endless.

Make your DIY Easter Eggs even more fun and personal by Dyeing your own yarn with Easter Egg Dye tablets. This is also a fun Easter craft activity for children, since the dye tablets are non toxic.

DIY Easter Eggs decorated with Yarn



Easter Egg Decorating Supplies:

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Plastic Easter Eggs
Colorful Yarn or learn to Dye Your Own Yarn
Tacky Glue
Craft Sticks
Tape (optional)

Colorful Easter Eggs decorated with Yarn


Prepare the Plastic Easter Eggs

My plastic Easter eggs kept coming apart so the first thing I did was use a piece of tape to secure it. Place a piece of tape all around the seam to keep the egg closed.

Alternately, you can skip taping your plastic egg shut and decorate the two halves separately. This way you can still open and fill the Easter Egg with goodies. (I have not tried this but, in theory, it should work, right?)

Next, using your craft sticks, you want to spread a very thin layer of Tacky Glue over a small section of a plastic Easter Egg.

It really does not take much glue. Only enough to make the yarn stick to the plastic egg. Any more than that and you have a big glue mess on your hands. This does get a bit messy anyway but it just takes a little bit of practice.

Easter Decorating Ideas

Wrapping Easter Eggs with Yarn


Add Yarn to the Easter Eggs

Now, using your fingers, carefully push the strands of yarn against each other. In general, you don’t want big gaps between the strands unless you’re doing it on purpose. You can also glue several different strands at once. Have some fun with this and be creative!

Oh, and I tried to use a hot glue gun on one of my eggs but the glue dried too quickly. Plus, I kept burning my fingers. The Tacky Glue, however, worked perfectly.

Once your plastic Easter egg is completely covered with yarn, set it out to dry for a day or two. The beauty of these DIY Easter Eggs is that they last forever. Although, these Easter Eggs are definitely not edible lol.


What Can I Put in Easter Eggs besides Candy?

Basically, you can put in anything that will fit! You really are only limited by the size of the plastic egg. A few ideas for filling your Easter eggs are coins, marbles, stickers, fun erasers, hair ties, Matchbox cars and lip gloss.

More Easter Egg Ideas

Here at FiberArtsy, I’ve shared with you how to make Wool Felted Easter Eggs, Coloring Easter Eggs with Silk Ties and how to make Natural Easter Egg Dye using Onion Skins. You can find many more ideas for DIY Easter Eggs in this article at Country Living.

Do you have a favorite Easter Egg decorating idea? Please share in the comments below.

Wrapping Easter Eggs with Colorful Yarn

DIY Easter Eggs Decorated with Yarn

DIY Easter Eggs Decorated with Yarn

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  1. What a creative idea for Easter eggs! I never would have thought of this- so simple and I have all the materials at home. I think my daughter would adore doing this. Thank you!

  2. I saw this on Pinterest using twine instead of yarn and thought it was a really cool idea! Simple but pretty! I might give it a try if I can find the time this weekend.

  3. How creative. These eggs are adorable!

  4. Very cute eggs. I love that they are so pretty, yet so easy to make. I have some specialty yarn that I used in a project and only have a bit left. I think this idea would be perfect for using it up.

  5. I think this this is my newest favorite Easter egg craft, if only because I think I can actually do this one!

  6. So glad to have found your site this morning. These eggs are beautiful. I will definitely be checking back to see your future projects!

  7. I love this idea. I wanted to do some Easter eggs with my daughter but didn’t want to use real eggs because of my allergy.

  8. This is such a great idea. This is seriously so cute and perfect for Easter. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. These are cute and original. I like that you use plastic eggs as a base so they don’t spoil.

  10. I love these eggs! Thanks for sharing this tutorial – what a different way to make cute eggs.

  11. Super cute idea. Not sure how well I would do with the glue and the yarn, but easy enough to try it out. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday link up.


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