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16 Free Websites Where You Can Submit Your Craft Project or Tutorial

Hey Creatives! Since I’ve been sharing my dyeing tutorials and craft how-to projects for several years now, I thought I’d give you sort of a behind the scenes look and show you what I do after I hit the ‘Publish’ button on my blog posts.

The majority of my projects are craft related so I’ve compiled a list of sites where you can Submit your Craft Project or DIY Tutorial.

If you’re a Craft or DIY Blogger, you know how much time and effort goes into actually making the craft, taking awesome photos, editing those photos and then writing a detailed tutorial blog post. You hit publish and then what? What if nobody ever sees it? You have to build the momentum and bring the traffic to your blog.

That’s where marketing comes in. You want to get your fabulous craft project out there in front of your audience, right? Easy enough, but where do you post it?

Hey Craft Bloggers! Submit Your Craft or DIY Blog Post to these 16 Free Websites. Get your awesome how-tos and tutorials seen by sharing them to these Craft Websites for free. A post

(This page contains affiliate links which simply means if you click through and buy or sign up, this site may get a small commission, at absolutely no extra cost to you.)

The obvious first steps are to send your blog post to your email subscribers and share it on your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Those people are presumably already interested in your work.

Now that your awesome diy post has been shared to your followers, it’s time to take your blog marketing a step further. Unfortunately, social media alone does not promote most blog posts enough to gain traction and bring enough traffic.

Some projects take off and go viral on Facebook or Pinterest, but most do not. That’s where DIY and Craft Tutorial Sites come in.

Lucky for us Creatives, there are lots of websites looking for quality projects to list or even feature. This helps not only you, the craft blogger, but it helps them as well. These craft tutorial sites are getting free content! It’s win-win all around.

I’m going to start the list with my three favorite Crafts & DIY websites: Hometalk, Instructables and Craft Gawker. All of my tutorials get submitted to these three sites (when appropriate).

Each of these websites has driven large amounts of traffic to my FiberArtsy blog with one post or another which is why they are at the top of my submission list. Here is what I like about them:

My Favorite Craft DIY Websites to Share Your Post

1. Hometalk is a huge website dedicated to sharing anything and everything Home DIY and Crafting related. They have everything imaginable from major House Renovation Projects to Home Decor ideas, Holiday Crafts and Gardening How-to. I even share my Yarn Dyeing tutorials there.

Hometalk is easy to join. Just sign up and create an account with profile pic, a short bio and a link to your blog. They are very diligent in sharing your high quality DIY projects on Pinterest and especially Facebook – I’m sure you’ve seen some of their Best Of Crafts lists and videos. Great photos are a must!

Hometalk has three really great features for bloggers:

a. You will receive an email with a calendar showing their weekly themes s.a. “Spring Wreaths”. If you create a blog post that matches a theme, you post it on the Hometalk website and then email the admin the info.

They will then share their favorites submission in email blasts and on their social media accounts. That could be lots of traffic for you!

b. In your Hometalk account, you can list three links to your best blog posts. When you submit three or more high quality DIY or craft projects within a 90 day period, Hometalk will include one of your blog links in their email blast.

They included my best post DIY Alcohol Ink Switch Plates in an email on Christmas Eve and my blog traffic went berzerk for about 5 days!

c. One of the newest features is the Hometalk Affiliates Program. For each tutorial that you post, Hometalk shares a materials list as affiliate links. If any sales are generated from those links, you and Hometalk share the commission.

Note: You have to opt in to this affiliate program. Simply log in to your Account Settings, click Account Status and check the box under Hometalk Affiliates Program.

Websites to Submit Your Craft Project Post - Hometalk by

Hint: I don’t share my entire tutorial on Hometalk but instead post my photos with a short synopsis for each. Hometalk has a field for your blog post link which directs the reader to your website.

2. Instructables

Instructables might just be my favorite DIY Crafts Website to market my craft tutorials. It’s a nerdy, quirky, membership website to share not only DIY and Craft tutorials but chemistry experiments, gardening projects and crochet patterns.

You can post your projects with the free membership although they do have a premium membership which gives you access to other features.

Instructables is super easy to join … all you have to do is sign up with email and password, then add a bio and links. Now you’re ready to share your tutorials.

If the admins like your tutorial, it may get featured on the front page which gets you a free premium membership for 3 months.

Hint: Make sure your main photo does not have any writing or other overlays. This ups your chances of getting featured.

One really cool feature of Instructables is their ongoing contests. Once you submit your tutorial, you’ll have a chance to submit it to any related contest. Some of these contests have pretty big prizes and it only takes a few minutes to enter.

Websites to Submit Your Craft Project Post - Instructables by

3. Craftgawker

Craftgawker is part of the Gawker series of DIY websites such as Foodgawker and Weddinggawker. The Gawker sites are a wonderful place to market your craft but they’re different from Hometalk and Instructables in that you submit your project for review and the admins decide if they want to post it.

Also, instead of submitting the entire tutorial, all you do is upload a photo, add a title, link and a short description.

Craftgawker is all about photos. If the photo of your craft is super duper awesome, you’ll get published regardless of the quality of the actual project. Conversely, if the craft is super duper awesome but your photo sucks, you won’t get in.

It’s actually not that easy to get your craft shared on Craftgawker. The admins are very, very picky! If you look at what they accept, however, there are some similarities. Notice that most of the photos are light and bright with a white background?

Websites to Submit Your Craft Project Post - Hometalk by

But don’t get your feelings hurt if they don’t accept your fabulous photo. Believe me, I’ve had more posts rejected than accepted! What’s great is that the Craftgawker admin will tell you WHY it was rejected.

I’ve had feedback of “dull, unsharp” and “awkward composition”. This information is GOLD! Take the constructive criticism and apply it to your next photo.

Hint: This post from helped me immensely with my Craftgawker submissions.

More Great Craft DIY Submission Websites

These Craft and DIY websites also accept submissions but I don’t use them for each and every post. They are more the second tier of submissions, if that makes any sense.

4. Craft Gossip

Craft Gossip has been a pretty good place for me to submit my how-to articles. They don’t accept all submissions but it is easier to get in than at Craftgawker. They don’t share your whole article, just a photo, description and a link to your blog post.

5. Fave Crafts

I’m a bit new to Fave Crafts so the jury is still out but it looks like it might be a good site for my tutorials.

6. Fun Family Crafts

Fun Family Crafts, as the name suggests, is geared toward family crafts. They accept craft tutorials geared toward children of all ages from toddler to teen. I’ve had several projects accepted which have driven quite a bit of traffic to my FiberArtsy blog.

7. TipJunkie

TipJunkie is great in that they have a huge Facebook following where many of the submitted projects get shared. I must say, though, that the website is a bit cumbersome to navigate and so I don’t share there consistently. I do think this is a worthwhile site to submit your craft project or home DIY.

8. Craftori

Craftori is a bit of an obscure website but I have gotten some decent traffic from it in the past. Just create an account and post a pic with description and a link to your post.

Other Craft DIY Submission Websites

The following are websites that I have personally not yet tried. As I have time, I will begin submitting some of my craft posts to test them. Make sure to check back as I’ll update this article.

9. AllFreeKidsCrafts

10. AllFreeHolidayCrafts

11. DIY idea Center

12. Ikea Hackers

13. DIY Home World

14. Dollar Store Crafts

15. Craft Foxes

16. Cut Out and Keep

Social Media

A few words about sharing your craft and DIY posts to the various social media platforms. While most of us hit the share button and forget it, there are some things you can do to get your project to a more targeted audience.

Facebook Groups

Share your project to special interest groups on Facebook ex. post your Crochet Pattern in the “We Love Crochet” group which has (quite literally) millions of crochet enthusiasts.

Make sure and read the rules for posting and keep in mind that it’s bad policy to drop and run. If you post in a group, you should also be actively engaged in that group.

Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards are great for marketing your craft post IF the board has a specific theme or category and IF the description of the board is very keyword specific.

I’ve found that the huge mega group boards such as ‘Best Pinners Of The World’ with 100,000 followers don’t do as well since the pins are about anything and everything. My little Craft/DIY related pin gets lost in the shuffle. Better to stick with smaller boards that are all about Crafting and DIY.

Google Plus Communities

Honestly, I don’t know if Google+ is still a vibrant platform… I don’t spend much time there. However, it is a GOOGLE site, connected to the mega search engine. It’s my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) that your posts tend to get indexed quicker if you post on Google+ as well.

If you do use it, join some Communities specifically for Crafting and DIY, then post your project there. Make sure to 1+ and share others’ projects as well.

There you have it! My mega list of 16+ Websites to Submit Your Craft Project Posts. If you know of any sites that I’ve missed, by all means let me know in the comments below. I hope to keep this list active and current.

Also, if you have any feedback or opinion of the sites that I’ve listed, please let me know that as well. I hope this helps you get your awesome Craft and DIY posts seen and appreciated.


16 Free Websites to Submit Your Craft Project DIY Blog Post by

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