How to Make Mittens from an old Sweater

How to Make MittensHow to make mittens from a sweater,
from an old Sweater

Last week I showed you how to make boot cuffs from an old sweater so let’s make some mittens to go with them.

Don’t you just love mittens? Gloves are okay but they really don’t keep your fingers warm, do they? I prefer mittens. And I really like making mittens from an old sweater. Let’s keep old sweaters out of the landfill! Wish this sweater was more colorful but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

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-An old sweater
-Paper & marker
-Needle & thread
-Sewing machine (optional)


Make a Template


How to Make Mittens from a Sweater,

Trace the outline of your hand on a piece of paper. (Hopefully your hand doesn’t look as weird as mine!) Next, increase the shape by about 1″ all the way around. Just approximately…your drawing doesn’t have to be a Picasso.
Note: make it wider at the wrist/cuff area so you can get your hand through.

Cut out your template.

Now, turn the sweater inside out and align the bottom edges. Place your template on the sweater with the cuff line at the bottom of your sweater hem. The ribbing will give your mittens a nice finished cuff. Pin the template to the sweater.

How to Make Mittens from a Sweater,

Carefully cut the sweater around the template. Make sure you cut through both layers.

How to make mittens from a sweater,

Unpin the template and flip it over for the next mitten. Again, line up the bottom edge with the bottom line of the sweater, pin in place and cut around the template. You should now have 4 pieces of mitten shaped sweater material …2 for each mitten.


Sew your mittens

How to make mittens from a sweater,

Using either needle & thread or your sewing machine, sew around the edges of your mittens, appr. 1/4″ seam allowance. Remember to leave the bottom, cuff part open.

Turn your mitten right side out and sew the next one.

How to make mittens from a sweater,

And there you go! Super easy way to make mittens from a sweater. I saved the sleeves to make a headband/earwarmer. So check back soon for that tutorial!

What do you like to make with old sweaters?

Have a great Super Bowl weekend!


  1. These look so comfy and warm. I love the color also. Such an easy tutorial that I can replicate.