How to Make a Headband, Ear Warmer

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How to make a headband, ear warmer,
How to Make a Headband, Ear Warmer

Remember the mittens we made last week from an old sweater? Now we’re going to make a matching headband, ear warmer. Same sweater!

This is a super easy project that can be finished in less than an hour.


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Old Sweater
Needle & Thread
Sewing machine (optional)

How to make a headband, ear warmer from a sweater,

First, you cut off one of the sleeves

How to make a headband, ear warmer from a sweater,

Turn your sleeve inside out. Now, decide how wide you want your headband. The final width of this one will be about 3 1/2″, so I measured 4″ to allow for the seam. Measure, mark and cut your sleeve lengthwise.

How to make a headband, ear warmer from a sweater,

Pin the raw edges together lengthwise. Now, using either needle and thread or your sewing machine, sew straight down the pinned edge. Turn your headband right side out.

How to make a headband, ear warmer from a sweater,

Look at the ends of your headband sweater fabric. You should have one finished end (the cuff) and one raw edge (where you cut the sleeve off the sweater). Tuck the raw edge into the cuff end. One end might be a bit bigger but tuck it in there as neatly as you can. Stretch the sweater if you need to. Pin in place, all the way around your headband. Using matching colored thread, hand stitch the two ends together, again going all the way around.

That’s all there’s to it! 

You now have a warm, inexpensive headband to keep your ears warm. And, you still have another sleeve if you want to make a second one.

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  1. I think the head band is made from the sleeves, cut off, cut open, trimmed and re-sewn. I hope that’s right. Anyway if it’s true there is left a front and back lapel. Use those to make another top and you have a head band and mittens to match.

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