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How to Make Mittens from an old Sweater

How to Make Mittens from an old Sweater Last week I showed you how to make boot cuffs from an old sweater so let’s make some mittens to go with them. Don’t you just love mittens? Gloves are okay but they really don’t keep your fingers warm, do they? I prefer mittens. And I really […]

Dye a T-shirt or Yarn with Snow or Ice!

I’ve been wanting to try snow/ice dyeing for a while but totally forgot about it until a friend posted something on Facebook. Well, since we still have a boatload of snow out there, why not try it now? This is my first attempt at snow dyeing but I do know a few things: First off, […]

Easy DIY Boot Toppers from a Sweater

Super Easy DIY Boot Toppers made from an Old Sweater Well, since it’s too cold for me to work in my felting studio, I decided to play around inside. I’ve had some ideas for repurposing or upcycling old sweaters from the thrift shop. The first project in this series of tutorials is DIY Sweater Boot […]

Free Mobile Apps for Knitters

  Free Mobile Apps for Knitters Take your knitting into the 21st Century with these free mobile apps. I’m still in the dark ages with my dumb phone so have not been able to try these apps. If you have, I’d love your feedback. How do they work? 1. Knitting Daily has a free mobile […]

Kettle Dyeing Yarn or Fiber

  How to Kettle Dye Yarn or Fiber A few weeks ago, I shared with you my method of How to Hand Paint Yarn. So today I thought I’d tell you about How to Kettle Dye your yarn. Kettle dyeing yarn is much less labor intensive than hand painting which also takes a lot more time. […]

Ready or not, here comes the New Fiber Blog!

Words to live by! I’ve been fretting over this new fiber site all weekend, wondering when is the right time to launch it. Well, sometimes you just have to see – and take – the first step. For those of you faithful visitors to the old Kentucky Blue Fiber blog, I thank you and hope […]

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes!

We’re movin’ on up! Yup, that’s right. Moving my fibery blog to its own website. Ok, I know it’s not a big deal to you guys but I’m pretty excited about it! has been a great home but I kind of want my page just-so and with .Com, I’m limited with what I can […]

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To

Easy Felted Dog Coat How To Seems the only exercise I have time for these days is walking.  Well, like many of you, I don’t like to walk alone so I take our beagle, Maggie, with me.  Winter’s here and as luck would have it, I couldn’t find Maggie’s coat. The sewing machine was already […]