Start a Blog!

Do you love Crafting? Making stuff out of other stuff? Have you dreamed about having your very own craft blog to share your creations? Could you use some extra income? Then maybe craft blogging is for you! There are tons of new blogs created every day so why not add yours?

How to Start Your Own Craft or DIY Blog,

The process of starting a blog is actually very simple and doesn’t take a lot of time or money. However, updating, maintaining and constantly creating are very time consuming! Not trying to discourage you here but I want you to be aware that maintaining a blog and making money from it takes lots and lots of time and effort. Having said that, it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I love blogging!

(This page contains affiliate links which simply means that if you click through and buy or sign up, this site will get a small commission, at absolutely no extra cost to you. The services I recommend below are ones that I actually use or have used in the past and feel good about recommending.)


Start Your Very Own Craft Blog in 3 easy steps right now!

Step 1. Choose your Domain Name & Hosting

You’re ready to start your own Blog, great! What are you gonna name it? The bigger question is, is that name available? Yes, most of the popular, easy names have already been registered but be creative! You might be surprised to find your perfect blog name has not been snatched up yet. Finding just the right name can drive you crazy, though, so don’t spend too much time on it.

A couple of pointers:
-Keep your domain name simple and easy to remember.
-Shorter is usually better
-Try to avoid odd spellings which can easily be mis-typed.

Enter your blog names here to see if they’re available:

When you find your perfect blog name, go ahead and register it before somebody else does!
Hint: Bluehost
gives you a Free Domain Name with some hosting packages!

Sign up for Hosting

Your new blog has to live somewhere so you need to sign up for hosting. This can be pricey but if you’re just starting out, a lower cost hosting package should be fine. Bluehost can take care of this for you – it’s who I use here at Fiberartsy.

Why Bluehost?

When I first started, my blog was hosted at one of the Big-Well-Known-Name hosts. It was fine for a while but then I noticed my site would go down with no explanation from my host. And I must say that Customer Service there is severely lacking.

Since switching my site to Bluehost, no problems! has not been down (that I know of) and their Customer Service and Tech Support teams are the best! So, bypass the so-so service and do it right from the beginning.

Step 2. Choose a Platform

Your new baby blog will need some great blogging software! Which to choose? The two biggies on the block are WordPress and Blogger. Honestly, what I know about Blogger can fit into a thimble. However, when I was researching which to use for Fiberartsy, the overwhelming conclusion was WordPress. There are hundreds of articles on how to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress. I haven’t seen many that do the opposite so save yourself some grief later on and start with WordPress from the very beginning.

WordPress is super easy to install, easy to use, and there is lots of support. Plus, you can install it free right through Bluehost.

Once you have your hosting set up, log in to your Bluehost account, go to CPanel and click ‘Install WordPress’. Follow the prompts, write down your login information and you’re good to go!

Step 3. Design Your Blog

This is the fun part! Here is where you get to make your blog pretty!

First, you need a design theme. If you’re on a limited budget (and who isn’t?) there are plenty of Free WordPress Themes to choose from. If you go this route, do a little research and make sure that the theme you choose is currently being supported. Also, see if there is a Q & A forum in case you have questions.

Don’t see a theme that you like? There are also tons of StudioPress Premium Themes out there in all price ranges.

I decided to use the Studiopress Prose Theme because it gives me lots of design options that many of the others don’t. Prose allows me to change the colors, fonts and other design elements without having to edit the code. Also, this Theme is already Mobile Responsive, meaning mobile devices display it correctly which is extremely important to a successful website.

Modern Blogger is also a favorite Theme!
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes: Modern Blogger Theme

Note, you will also need the Genesis Framework which you can purchase together with your Theme.

That’s it! Welcome to fun world of blogging! You are all set to start sharing your clever, crafting creations! What will your first blog post be?

But wait! Where do I get awesome graphics for my blog?

Making your blog look just the way you want can be frustrating! Where do people get those cool headers and logos? No worries! There is lots of help available.

DIY Graphic Tools

One of my favorite tools for creating graphics for my blog is PicMonkey. There is a free version which gives you a bunch of cool artwork, overlays and graphics, completely free! As you get more involved with your blog, you may want to upgrade to the paid version so you can have access to all of the Royale graphic goodies.

For basic photo editing, I use This is a free online photo editor similar to PhotoShop.

Another great online tool for creating graphics is You can find photos, graphics, overlays and more for free or super cheap! This graphic was created with Canva and cost me all of $1!

How to Start Your Own Craft or DIY Blog,

Getting Professional Design Help 🙂

If you’re completely in the weeds on this, you may want to consider hiring help. Don’t worry …this does not have to cost an arm and a leg!

Fiverr: Have you heard of this?? You can hire a professional graphic designer to create your header, logo or whatever for as little as $5! No joke! Go check it out. (Disclaimer here: I have not personally used Fiverr but I know bloggers who have and they were very pleased)

Etsy: You can find anything and everything blog related on Etsy, from beautiful headers to logos, social media buttons … even entire web packages in every price range imaginable. This is also a great place to look around at various designs and get ideas.

What NOT to do

You’ve searched the Google Machine and found an awesome photo that would look great on your blog. And, it’s so easy to save, right? Well, don’t do it! Images on the internet all belong to somebody. So, unless you have written permission from the owner of that image to use it, you could get into a heap of trouble. Better to get one from a photo site like On that particular site, smaller images are free (with the proper disclaimer), larger ones cost just a few dollars.

I sure hope this post was helpful! As I said before, I absolutely love blogging! It’s so much fun to think up and create new projects to share. And the blogging community is a wonderful network of people!

Did you start a Craft or DIY Blog? Share your link below! I’d love to come visit.
Enjoy 🙂