The Artist is nothing without …..

The Artist is nothing without the Gift,
but the Gift is nothing without Work.
– Émile Zola

Right?! Are you an Artist? A Maker? A Creator? Do you have a gift for a specific craft? We all have a gift for something, don’t we? Yes, I believe we do.

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My husband is a professional musician… specifically, a guitar player and has been for 35 years. He hears it all the time … Tom, you are soooooo talented!! Yes. Yes, he is. He was born with a natural affinity for the guitar. But, what people don’t see is the hours and hours and years and years of practice he has put into his talent to become one of the best guitar players in this area. He plays every single day.

Personally, I don’t have the patience to do that. There are too many ideas in my head to focus on only one. But I applaud those of you who do! Keep at it and I’ll be over here felting, spinning, crafting, painting, redecorating, gardening, etc, etc, etc!

What is Your Gift??

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