Free Knitting Patterns Online (15 Cool Websites)

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15 Best Knitting Websites that share all Free Patterns Online

Do you love knitting but hate to pay for knitting patterns? Who doesn’t, right? Although, it is very important for me to support the Indie pattern designers, I also enjoy finding a fun pattern for free.

Since I mostly just knit socks, I don’t really need too many different patterns and my main consideration is the yarn. This is my favorite Sock Yarn. Also, Wool of Andes makes a super affordable worsted yarn.

free knitting patterns online - 15 websites

Have you noticed? Knitting is all the rage again. No longer seen just as “Grandma’s” hobby, knitting has gone mainstream and become a chic fiber art no matter what your age or walk of life. I’ve even seen men knitting in public, which is awesome.

And not only has it become fashionable, but we are now knitting more than just scarves and sweaters. Have you seen some of the extreme knits using giant knitting needles? An afghan knitted with huge needles is definitely on my to-do list.

Not to mention, with all of this knitting comes the need for lots and lots of patterns. Fortunately, there are a bunch of craft, fiber art and knitting websites offering free knitting patterns online for just about every project imaginable.

Free Knitting Patterns,

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Popular Knitting Supplies:

Best Websites for Free Knitting Patterns Online

Nowadays, you can find not only free hat patterns but also patterns for babies such as blankets, sweaters and baby booties as well as knit shawls, gloves, socks (I love knitting socks), cowls and boot cuffs. You may be interested in the 14 Free Fingerless Glove Patterns and 13 Shawl Patterns for Knitting and Crochet.

And, many of these knitting sites also offer knitting instructions, How-To Knit videos, classes, tutorials and free knitting patterns to download and print. Furthermore, you may even be able to find free crochet patterns at these sites.

And speaking of crochet … for you Crochet Fans, here are 21 Sites for Free Crochet Patterns

I hope this list of knitting sites is helpful! If you know of any websites offering free patterns that I may have missed, please let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget, FiberArtsy also has a listing of free knitting patterns by Indie Designers. If you have a pattern to share, feel free to submit it here.

Bluprint (formerly Craftsy)

Most of you are probably familiar with Bluprint (formerly Craftsy). At this moment, Bluprint has over 2,300 Free Knitting Patterns to download. These are mainly created by Indie Pattern Designers so they vary greatly in style which means they’ll have something for every taste.

And that is only the free patterns. There are now over 30,000 knitting patterns on Bluprint in all.

Oh, and Bluprint also has tons of luscious, yummy yarn at great prices for those knitting projects. I really like their Knitting Pattern Kits which include the yarn and pattern. Make sure and check out all of the Online Knitting Classes, as well.


Over 1,000 free knitting patterns and some great deals on yarn.


I think the name speaks for itself. AllFreeKnitting is a website dedicated to everything knitting from videos to Giveaways and free patterns and instructions.

Knit Picks

Knit Picks has a nice selection of free knitting patterns, most of which are also created by Indie Knitting Pattern designers. Plus they have knitting pattern kits which include yarn and a pattern. Knit Picks also sells Fiber Project Kits and Yarn Sampler Boxes.

By the way, Knit Picks is also my go-to site for buying yarn. They have a huge selection of high quality yarn and they offer free shipping with a $50 purchase.

Make sure and check the Clearance Yarn section.


LoveKnitting is actually a new website for me but I’m impressed with the selection of free knitting patterns on this site. This website also has lots of How-tos, Knitting Guides and Video Tutorials. Sign up to their mailing list for exclusive coupons on yarn and knitting needles.

Leisure Arts

The Leisure Arts website has tons of resources for knitting and crochet as well as a bunch of free patterns.

Lion Brand

The Lion Brand Yarn Company has been a staple in the knitting community for years. I’m sure most knitters have created a project or two using Lion Brand Yarn. Their website is a great resource with oodles and oodles of free knitting patterns and more new patterns being added daily.

aka WEBS America’s Yarn Store also has a great selection of free knitting patterns altho finding them is a little bit awkward. Their website has a main pattern page and then it’s a matter of clicking on the different yarn links to see the various patterns.


Not only does Berroco offer a wonderful line of luxurious yarns, their website shares quite a few knitting patterns.

Knitting Pattern Central

This website is nothing but free knitting patterns and tutorials… thousands of patterns! The only drawback is that they are only links which don’t include photos of the projects. This makes finding the right pattern a little cumbersome.

Garn Studio

The Garn Studio yarn company’s website boasts over 90,000 knitting patterns translated into 17 languages. Their comprehensive search engine should make it easy to find just right pattern for your knit project.


Rowan yarn company is well known for their upscale, designer knitting patterns. Some of their patterns are for purchase only but they also offer some of them for free.

What is the easiest thing to Knit for Beginners?

Good question! Obviously, what is easiest to knit will vary from person to person. However, in my opinion knitting a scarf may be easier for beginners if the scarf has a simple knit and purl pattern. The repetition of the rows helped me to learn.

Is Knitting or Crocheting easier?

Again, very subjective depending on the person. Personally, I found crocheting easier to learn. Knitting with two long needles was a little harder for me to get used to. I’m not that coordinated lol.

If you are trying to learn how to knit or crochet, I recommend starting with large needles or crochet hook and thicker yarn. Pick a simple pattern that repeats the same stitches over and over.

What is your favorite knitting site for free patterns online? Please let me know in the comments below and I will happily add it to this list.


free knitting patterns online - 15 websites

Free Knitting Patterns. 15 Sites that share all Free Knitting Patterns

Sites for Free Knitting Patterns
15 Cool Websites for Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns Online (15 Cool Websites)

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