More Wool Moth prevention tips

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Well, I got so many great comments on how to prevent a fiber moth infestation that I thought I’d share those with you before moving on to fixing the problem.

Here were some of your ideas:

  • 3 days in the deep freezer, 3 days out, then 3 days back in, twice a year, spring and fall
  • Storing fleece and yarn with lavender and calendula
  • Double bagging your fiber with heavy duty plastic bags
  • Instead of plastic bags, try calico bags. Apparently, the moths don’t like the fabric
  • Washing all fiber before storage
  • When you acquire new fleeces, make sure you treat (freeze or cook) them before storing them with your current stash
  • Keep your storage area extra clean. Vacuum up any dustballs, debris, etc. around your fleeces.

Great ideas! Thank you all so much!
Happy Weekend,

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