How to Start Your Own Craft or DIY Blog

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People ask me all the time ‘What do you do?’. Well, I do still work at an office day job, but my main job is this blog! Fiberartsy is where I get to share my love of felting, fibers, yarn and crafting. It’s the perfect creative outlet and so much fun! If you enjoy creating craft projects and interacting with fun, like minded people, then blogging may be for you!

How to Start Your Own Craft or DIY Blog,


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Have you thought about starting your own blog but are not sure how to begin? It’s actually very simple and I’ll show you how in 3 easy steps.
Start Your Very Own Craft Blog.

It seems complicated to start a blog. Do I have to hire a web designer?
NO. It’s actually quite simple and you don’t have to be an expert coder to create your own blog.

I don’t have a lot of extra cash, is blogging expensive?
NO. The blog itself can be created for free, you just have to pay for the web hosting. Other than that, you just need materials for your fun craft tutorials.

Does it take a lot of time to blog?
DEPENDS. Do you want a hobby blog, just for fun? Then no. Just create posts when you have time. If you’re looking to blog professionally, then yes, that can be very time consuming.

Ready to start your blog? Head over to START YOUR OWN CRAFT BLOG where I show you how!

Have questions? By all means ask in the Comment section below and I’ll do my best to help.
Happy Blogging!

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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing these tips for starting a craft blog. I know some people who could use this. Off to read how and then passing it along.

    Happy Monday. Have a great week!


    • You’re welcome, Corina. I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day! Annette

  2. That is a good tutorial on starting a blog, crafting or other. Thanks so much for bringing this to Fridays Blog Booster Party. We would love to see what you will share this Friday.


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