Don’t Limit Your Challenges …

“Don’t limit your challenges,
challenge your limits!”
~Jerry Dunn

Motivation Inspiration,

One of the main reasons I share these inspirational quotes is that I also struggle with my demons, my inadequacies … the feeling of not being good enough, of not being ENOUGH! Do you know that feeling? Somehow, if you do more, give more, work more, you will be a better person, mother, wife, provider.

Well, let me tell you that no matter how much more you do, you will always feel that way at some point. And, it’s okay because we all do.


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But back to the quote. Jerry Dunn is absolutely right! If you feel inadequate, why not try something new? Doing the same thing over and over (even if you’re good at it), puts you in a rut and can trigger depression. We all have some things in mind that we’ve always wanted to try. What is it for you? A Watercolor Painting class? Learning a new language? Riding Horses? How about Mountain Climbing in the Rockies? Put it on your To-Do list and then go Do It!!

Life is terribly short. Make the most of it and go challenge yourself!

What have you always wanted to try? Please share!