7 Marketing Tips for Etsy Sellers

Do you sell your handmade crafts in an Etsy shop? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed trying to get more traffic? How can you get people to your little shop when there are thousands of others on Etsy vying for position? And, with the recent changes at Etsy, the floodgates of sellers has opened, making it […]

Do You Etsy? Part II

Had some great discussions over the Do You Etsy blog on Linkedin. Have you ever heard of Zibbet.com?  Me either…. it’s an Etsy alternative. I’m not sure how it compares but I’ll check into it. There’s also Artfire.com and if you live in Britain, there is Folksy.com.  Always good to have choices. Here is some […]

Do You Etsy?

So, I’ve been trying to unlock the mysteries of Etsy. There’s so much information out ! It’s a full time job just researching the monster. But there are some tips and tricks to being successful that consistently show up. (This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product […]

Why does taking good photos have to be so hard???

One of my biggest challenges in this here fiber business is getting good photos of my felted pieces to post online. It’s soooooo frustrating!!! Why?  I’m guessing you creatives out there have that problem too, right?  Well, maybe not. But, here are a few little things I have learned about product photography in hopes it […]

Are you a ‘Starving Artist’?

There’s a reason they call us that huh? Are you making your living as an artist. That’s what I’m trying to do. Just thought I’d share some of my favorite online resources with you. If you have any to add, please do! Artsbusinessinstitute.com Lots of valuable information, especially if you are doing trade shows The […]

How do you get inspired to create?

Where do you get your inspiration?  Most of the time, my creativity goes into high gear while I am in the middle of working on a felted piece. I get constant flashes of  ‘oooohhh, that would be cool!’ or what if I try this next time? I keep an Idea Journal where I write or […]