Dreamie Preemie

Dreamie Preemie is a knit hat pattern worked either flat or in the round. This free pattern is very customizable and ranges in size from extra small to extra large in preemie baby sizes. This is a great hat pattern for donating to organizations and charities. The yarn I used is not recommended for preemies […]

Boho Macrame Knit Wrap

Macrame meets Knit. Knitting and Macrame fit seamlessly together for an amazing finish and rewarding project. This is a unique wrap uniting two forms of crafts into one spectacular piece. I knew with this design I wanted to embody several craft forms for a unique and enjoyable project. Even if you have never attempted macrame […]

Lenio Shaw

The Lenio Crochet Shawl is a beautiful boomerang shawl that shapes as you crochet it. It’s made with easy crochet stitches and the stitch details creates subtle stripes and texture. To crochet this shawl you’ll only need one skein. The shawl is perfect to make and wear all through the year; it’s a light shawl […]

Block Sweater

You just started knitting and have never even finished a beginner pattern? The beginner knit block sweater pattern is for you! It’s just that easy! The chunky yarn of this oversize knitting pattern makes this such a cozy sweater. It is made up of simple squares in garter stitch, sewed together with bulky yarn. Features […]

Women’s Shawl Pattern

Last year the long shawl was blowing the wind, it was possible to see them on the models, players, politicians, everyone. I call it a shawl for this design, but you can call it a cardigan, a sweater or a poncho. Say what you say to this pattern but you have to admit that it […]

Simple hat

The Simple Hat knitting pattern is a simple design, that goes with all outfits. I always had mine in the bottom of my handbag during our holiday and it was so convenient! Warm, cozy and comfy. It is also perfect to make as a gift. It is very simple so it is an ideal pattern […]