More Wool Moth prevention tips

Well, I got so many great comments on how to prevent a fiber moth infestation that I thought I’d share those with you before moving on to fixing the problem. Here were some of your ideas: 3 days in the deep freezer, 3 days out, then 3 days back in, twice a year, spring and […]

Moths in your wool or fiber? How do you store your prized fleeces?

How do you store your wool fiber?  There’s nothing worse than walking into your fiber room and seeing a small, tan colored moth flying around.  What do you do? You know the saying… An ounce of prevention. Obviously, the best choice is to not get them in the first place. Wool moths prefer dark areas […]

Felting Trivia – Did you know?

Felting is probably the oldest form of fiber art Protein fiber spins or is felted because it has little barbs which catch on one another Felt will not ravel and can be cut What causes felting?  Agitation and extreme temperature changes Felt can be made waterproof if heavily felted. Wool does not easily catch fire […]

What’s the difference between an Alpaca and a Llama?

I get this all the time….. here’s a good pic I found on Alpaca Culture‘s facebook page: Peace, Annette

Felting Basics

Felting fascinates me.  What a great medium!   There are lots of different techniques but basically it boils down to dry or wet.  Here are just a few…. Nuno Felting Basically, it is the art of wet felting fiber through a piece of open weave fabric such as gauze or chiffon.  The fiber is placed on […]

Washing of the Alpaca Fiber

So I decided to delve into washing my own alpaca fiber. Usually I just send it to the mill for processing but I have so much that will not become yarn or roving, I decided what the heck. Not like i have anything else to do (ahem). Well…quickly found out this can be an exercise […]