How to Felt Wool – Nuno Felting Method

Felt Making with the Nuno Method. Welcome to Part 3 of my Wet Felting Wool Techniques Series. This tutorial will show you how to felt wool or fiber into a felt fabric such as silk chiffon. My other tutorials on How to Felt Wool. Part 1 Basic Wet Felting Part 2 Cobweb Felting a Scarf […]

Easy DIY Felted Dryer Balls

What the heck are Felted Dryer Balls? Dryer Balls are literally balls made of felted wool. Why do you need them? Do you use dryer sheets? Did you know that commercial dryer sheets are nothing but chemicals, some of them toxic? That spring fresh scent…not so fresh. Dryer sheets permeate your laundry with chemicals which […]

How to Felt Wool – Cobweb Felting

Felting Wool with the Cobweb Wet Felting Technique . Part 2 of my Wet Wool Felting Series where I show you how to make Cobweb Felted Fabric with Merino Sheep Wool Roving. This felting method is perfect for a lightweight felted scarf, shawl or summer wrap. What is Cobweb Felting? Just like the name suggests, […]

Wet Felting Basics – Part 1 Felting Series

How to Felt Wool – Basic Wet Felting Method Part 1 – Wool Felting Techniques Series Wet Felting is one of my passions. I get completely lost in making a unique piece of colorful fabric from alpaca fiber or sheep wool roving. It’s like magic watching the individual fibers and hairs bind together to make […]

How to Make Pretty Felted Flowers

How to Make Felted Flowers Did you know that you can take raw fiber and roving to felt pretty flowers? Yup! All you need is the basic wet felting know how. And Supplies, of course! The cool thing about felting flowers is that you can make them any color combination that you want. You’re not […]

How to Make Felted Soap!

Why put fiber on soap, you ask? Because it makes a great scrubby! You can exfoliate and wash your skin at the same time. Felted soaps also make wonderful gifts. Download this Free Tutorial (This page contains affiliate links which simply means that if you click through and buy or sign up, this site will […]