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Do You Etsy? Part II

Had some great discussions over the Do You Etsy blog on Linkedin. Have you ever heard of  Me either…. it’s an Etsy alternative. I’m not sure how it compares but I’ll check into it. There’s also and if you live in Britain, there is  Always good to have choices. Here is some […]

Do You Etsy?

So, I’ve been trying to unlock the mysteries of Etsy. There’s so much information out ! It’s a full time job just researching the monster. But there are some tips and tricks to being successful that consistently show up. (This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product […]

Spruced up Ye Olde Etsy Shoppe…Watcha think?

Finally swept away the dust bunnies and cleaned up the Etsy shop. You can find hand dyed yarn, spinning fiber and hand felted pieces. I’ll be adding lots more in the weeks to come. Would love your feedback! Kentucky Blue Fiber Etsy Shop Have a fun week! Annette Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

Meet the Pacas

I’m always blabbing on about alpaca fiber and realized I haven’t posted any pix of mine. Have I? Memory fails me. So, here are the boys. The girls were camera shy this morning but I’ll try to get them another day. The photos are not that good – as you know I am camera-challenged. I […]