Archives for October 2013

Why does taking good photos have to be so hard???

One of my biggest challenges in this here fiber business is getting good photos of my felted pieces to post online. It’s soooooo frustrating!!! Why?  I’m guessing you creatives out there have that problem too, right?  Well, maybe not. But, here are a few little things I have learned about product photography in hopes it […]

The latest…. Nuno Felted Triangle Shawl

Been working on this guy most of the day. The large size and triangle form makes it more labor intensive. But, I’m happy with the results. I used alpaca batting for the base and added tussah silk (hard to see on the photo) as well as merino and alpaca for the ‘flames’. Only thing left […]

Thoughts on My Favorite Fiber & Yarn Dyes

It kind of fascinates me how the different colors of fiber and yarn dyes (and different brands) behave. Some are easy to dissolve, and others are not. Some will completely change color over time, others don’t. My preferred dyes for fiber and yarn are Jacquard Acid Dyes but Cushings has a few colors that I […]

Another Kentucky Wool Fest in the books!

Shew!  What a weekend!  Despite torrential rains and 12 hour grueling days, we all had a great time. The people in the wool tent are the best! Couldn’t imagine a better bunch of folks to spend 3 long days with.   And….. I resisted the urge to bring home a 6 week old potbellied piggy. […]