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Mystery Fiber!

Digging through my stash yesterday, I came across a little bag of mystery roving. I swear I’ve never seen it before (too much fiber maybe??) but I love finding ‘new’ fiber! It’s about 2 ounces of creamy white roving, obviously sheep wool, not alpaca. The little bag was stuffed inside a bigger bag labeled merino/tencel […]

What the &*%$ is that smell???

So, I walk into my studio this afternoon and immediately notice this odd stench. Sort of a sickly sweet-sticky-toasty kind of a smell. Couldn’t figure it out so I just didn’t worry about it. Figured my hubby had done something weird in the garage. Proceeded to work, rinsing the yarn I dyed yesterday and noticed […]

Do Fiber Dyes go bad? Well, it depends…

Depends on what you mean by ‘Bad’. I tend to dye large quantities of yarn or fiber at a time so I’ll mix up 1/2 gallon batches of each color. Most of the time, there will be some dye left over. As it sits in the bottle, things happen. Some colors, like Kelly Green will […]

The Art of Nuno Felting – My article in American Livestock Magazine

Yay, I’ve been published! A great big thank you to American Livestock Magazine for printing my article on how to nuno felt a scarf with flowers. Enjoy! Annette Kentucky Blue Fiber Co.

How do you get inspired to create?

Where do you get your inspiration?  Most of the time, my creativity goes into high gear while I am in the middle of working on a felted piece. I get constant flashes of  ‘oooohhh, that would be cool!’ or what if I try this next time? I keep an Idea Journal where I write or […]