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Alpaca tidbit

Alpaca poop is very low in nitrogen and therefore can be put directly on your garden as fertilizer without it burning the plants. However, if the animal was given dewormers or other meds on a regular basis, it’s better to let the manure age before using it on a food garden. Oh yeah, did I […]

More Wool Moth prevention tips

Well, I got so many great comments on how to prevent a fiber moth infestation that I thought I’d share those with you before moving on to fixing the problem. Here were some of your ideas: 3 days in the deep freezer, 3 days out, then 3 days back in, twice a year, spring and […]

Moths in your wool or fiber? How do you store your prized fleeces?

How do you store your wool fiber?  There’s nothing worse than walking into your fiber room and seeing a small, tan colored moth flying around.  What do you do? You know the saying… An ounce of prevention. Obviously, the best choice is to not get them in the first place. Wool moths prefer dark areas […]