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DIY Glass Garden Art Totem

How to make a DIY Glass Garden Art Totem Pole Tutorial The other day, my hubby and I went to our favorite garden nursery in search of vegetable plants and flowers and guess what else I found …. funky yard art! They had every kind of garden art you can imagine from the normal whirly, […]

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Submit Your Craft Project to 16+ Free Websites

Hey Creatives! Since I’ve been sharing my dyeing tutorials and craft how-to projects for several years now, I thought I’d give you sort of a behind the scenes look and show you what I do after I hit the ‘Publish’ button on my blog posts. The majority of my projects are craft related so I’ve […]

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33 DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Spring has finally sprung again and you know what that means … Mother’s Day! I don’t know about you but after all these years I never know what to get my Mom. In case you’re in the same predicament, here are some super DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day. It’s so easy to get her […]

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Marble Dyed Easter Eggs with Onion Skins

Easter is literally just around the corner so this tutorial on how to marble dye Easter Eggs with onion skins is super later. But, I’ve been wanting to share it for years now, so here goes. This onion dye technique is how we used to decorate our Easter Eggs when I was a kid growing […]

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Marbled Goat Milk Soap

DIY Marbled Goat Milk Soap Tutorial With Christmas right around the corner, I’m in full DIY gift crafting mode. I absolutely love making presents for my friends and I especially love making soaps, scrubs and bath products! The past few years, I made Brown Sugar/Vanilla Body Scrub and Yummy Bath Bombs so this year I […]

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Alcohol Ink Ornaments

Hey, I’m back with another fun craft project using alcohol inks … DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments! I’m sort of obsessed with alcohol inks, truly. You can create such gorgeous, painterly effects with them. Almost like watercolor paints but better, brighter. And Christmas is right around the corner. (This page contains affiliate links which simply means […]

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DIY Felted Journal Cover

We’ve been going to a lot of art, craft and flea markets the past few months and I’ve noticed a new trend of creative journal makers. Some gorgeous work from leather to fabric, even steam punk deco with gears and watch parts. Way more work than I care to do but WOW! So, I thought […]

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DIY Plant Hanger – Quick & Easy

Do you love plants and flowers? Do you have a house full of houseplants like I do? They sort of multiply around here …I really need to thin the herd and get rid of some of these houseplants. In the meantime, I’ve been busy making some simple macrame plant hangers to get the plants off […]

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15 Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs

Although, here in Kentucky it’s been a much milder than usual Winter, we are all happy that Spring is finally here once again! And you know what that means, right? Easter is just about here again, too. And that means getting out the dyes and coloring Easter Eggs. That’s always fun (especially dyeing easter eggs […]

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How to Dye Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

I’ve been on kind of an Easter Egg decorating kick lately. There are just so many fun ways to dye and decorate Easter Eggs! When I grew up, it was either the little dye tablets or natural dyeing with onion skins. That’s all we ever did. Well, now the sky’s the limit. You can paint […]

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DIY Alcohol Ink Art Switch Plates

Last fall, I decided to repaint my entire house. Big job but I was sick and tired of the ‘builder beige’ walls so it was totally worth it! Now, my soft gray walls with fresh white trim look so much better. While I love my walls, I did notice they need a pop of color. […]

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21 Sites for Free Crochet Patterns

21 Great Websites for Free Crochet Patterns Crochet has become a super-chic hobby lately, hasn’t it? Far beyond our granny squares and afghans, crafty people are now crocheting everything from jewelry to candle holders to high-end, luxurious shawls and sweaters. And in our age of the wonderful internet with websites devoted to everything creative imaginable, […]

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