Craftsy’s BIG Easter Sale: Up to 75% Off !

Craftsy Easter Sale,

Enjoy up to 75% off all Yarn with Craftsy’s BIG Easter Sale happening now!

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There is so much more hopping your way this weekend!

Peppermint Bath Salts

Peppermint Bath Salt Recipe,

Peppermint Bath Salt Recipe

Don’t you just love to soak in a hot bath after working in the garden all day? With a few easy ingredients, that bath can be even better!

We all know that an Epsom Salts Bath is great for aching muscles but did you know that it can help relieve a migraine?

Welcome back to the Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party!

Wakeup Wednesday Linky Party

Felted Easter Eggs

Felted Easter Eggs -

Felted Easter Eggs!

Remember the Spring Fiber & Fabric Craft Roundup from last week? It included a tutorial by Rosina of Rosy – Posy on how to make felted easter eggs. I’ve never made them so I decided to give it a try.

Part 3 Felting Techniques – Nuno Felting a Shawl

Nuno Felting Tutorial,

Felting Techniques Series

Part 3 – Nuno Felting a Shawl

Welcome back!

I’m having lots of fun with these Felting Tutorials. Have you tried any of them?

Part 1 showed you How to Wet Felt a Piece of Fabric from Roving.

Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party!

Wakeup Wednesday Linky Party

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Welcome to the 11th week of 
 Wake Up Wednesday “Linky”  
25 Blogs  -  1 Party &   Giveaway
We are so excited to have you all party with us.
Thank you so much to all those who participate in our party.…

Fun Spring Fabric and Fiber Crafts

Crafts for Spring,

Spring has finally sprung and not a moment too soon! I’m sure you guys have been busy lil bees crafting all winter and I thought it might be fun to share some projects for Spring.

A great big THANK YOU to the Ladies who came up with these super projects for allowing me to share them.

Easy DIY Felted Dryer Balls

Felted Dryer Balls Tutorial -

What the heck are Felted Dryer Balls?

Dryer Balls are literally balls made of felted wool. Why do you need them?

Do you use dryer sheets? Did you know that commercial dryer sheets are nothing but chemicals, some of them toxic?

Welcome to the Wake up Wednesday Linky Party & Giveaway!

Wakeup Wednesday Linky Party

I’m so excited to be joining the fun ladies for the Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party! Do you love craft tutorials and recipes? Check back and browse the fun and clever posts that will be linked up here. Last week there were 282 awesome linkups!

Felting Techniques: Part 2 Make a Cobweb Felted Scarf

Felting Techniques, Cobweb Felting,

Felting Techniques Series

Part 2 – Cobweb Felting

Welcome back to the Felting Series!
Last week in Part 1, I showed you How to Wet Felt a piece of Fabric from Roving.

This week, you will learn step by step how to make a beautiful cobweb felted scarf.
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